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Ceramics - Beginning & Returning Wheel Throwing

Ceramics - Beginning & Returning Wheel Throwing

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• Classes will happen 8x a month and will be charged as a package for $350
• Clay is NOT included, but will be available for purchase (from $20-$30/bag)
• Tools, brushes and glazes, & cone 10 firing will be included
• Class is limited to 8 students & requires 3 students minimum for classes to run 

Tentative Class Schedule AM Class:
• 9:30-10:00 arrival & demo
• 10:00-11:45 work period
• 11:45-12:00 clean-up

Tentative Class Schedule PM Class:
• 4:00-4:30 arrival & demo
• 4:30-6:15 work period
• 6:15-6:30 clean-up

This class will focus on the fundamentals of throwing on the wheel, along with basic hand- building, sculpting, and altering techniques. Students will learn to wedge, center, throw, trim and glaze functional tableware including, but not limited to, cups, mugs, bowls, plates/platters, vases, bottles, lidded-containers, etc. The final class will be dedicated to glazing and decorating ware. Pieces will be high-fired in our gas kiln, however, due to the kiln only being fired when full, pieces may not be complete when class ends. They will be fired & kept at the studio for pick-up up to a month after class ends. Health & Safety - Students will need to wear closed-toed shoes, have long hair tied back, and avoid loose-fitting clothing which may get caught on items in the kiln yard.

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