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Clay + Kiln: Mother's Day Raffle for Two!

Clay + Kiln: Mother's Day Raffle for Two!

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SATURDAY, May 13th 12AM-2PM

Enter to win two of eight spots. Winners receive The Reductionist Raku Experience.

LIMIT 1 per person. 

You can purchase more raffles opportunities!

$10 =  Sticker Clay + Kiln Sticker + 5 entries

$20 = T-shirt Clay + Kiln + 10 entries

(Both available in Mid June)

This hands on event will include for the lucky winners an introductory conversation about the history and development of American Raku, the joy of decorating a hand crafted decorative vase and the immersive action filled experience of firing it up to 1800°. And taking home a handmade treasure they created. 

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