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Fuel Night! Evening Raku Ceramic Class & Beer/Wine Tasting 21+

Fuel Night! Evening Raku Ceramic Class & Beer/Wine Tasting 21+

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This class will focus on Raku firing, an alternative firing process where pieces are removed from the kiln around 1800*F and placed in a “reduction chamber” filled with carbon-based materials which will give smoky colorations and patterns. The results are atmospheric and difficult to control, making it an exciting and dynamic process. Students will be glazing & firing pieces made by Hacienda Clay&Kiln staff and will be able to take their pieces home at the end of the class! 

Health & Safety - Protective gear (gloves & tongs) will be provided, but students will need to wear closed-toed shoes, have long hair tied back, and avoid loose-fitting clothing which may get caught on items in the kiln yard.

  • Classes will be charged individually at $75/person
  • Tools & glazes will be included
  • Class is limited to 12 students
  • Students will either use provided raku-ready, bisque pieces (made by Clay+Kiln staff) OR bring their own bisque (no porcelain)
  • 21+ Fuel Nights! will feature local beer and wine tasting for an additional $25/person, please make sure to sign up for the correct class at checkout

Tentative Class Schedule:
  • 15 mins - arrival & check-in
  • 30 mins - overview & demo
  • 30 mins- glazing & loading kiln
  • 1 hour break for lunch while firing takes place
  • 30 mins- firing completes & ware is cooled
  • 30 mins - unloading ware, cleaning of pieces, show & tell, studio clean-up

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